Just a quick note, no metaphors, no deep thoughts – just some actual website maintenance! I’m moving the blog to a new server, so it may be down for a few days! Direct links to http://www.LifeInDetox.com won’t work while things are moving over, but the URL that you’re at now will (www.lifeindetox.wordpress.com) until the new site is up.

So if you’re looking for a specific post, use that link for now!

Attention WordPress Reader friends: it’s likely that all my future posts will NOT appear in the reader any longer since the blog will no longer be hosted at WordPress.com. I’d love for you to follow along at the new site, so sign up below so we can keep in touch!

I would LOVE it if you’d sign up for email updates so I can let you know once I’ve posted something new on the blog (no spam, I promise!)

PLEASE Click here to sign up for email updates!

And, in the meantime, here’s a few other links!

Instagram: @lifeindetox
Facebook (Page): @lifeindetox
Facebook (Personal): @sjvandee

Looking forward to being online again SOON!

Thank you!!
SJ xo

Written by SJ VanDee

Recovery Blogger. Sober AF. Photographer. Storyteller. Writer.


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